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Golf Instruction is available from both Stephen DeWitt & Scott Marson, Both are outstanding instructors, and well known area golf professionals at Glen Ivy. Instruction is open to all golfers, ranging from low to high handicaps, with a variety of programs including video analysis, on-course instruction, private lessons, and golf schools.  

Any program can be customized to fit your individual needs. From beginners, to those who need to take those few extra strokes out of their game to reach their full playing ability - our course instructors are ready for your call.

Learn More About Stephen DeWitt

My Name is Stephen DeWitt and I am a P.G.A. Golf Professional with over 21 years of experience and over 18,000 lessens taught.

​While this experience has been integral in developing a solid understanding of how to develop a players overall golf game, I treat every lesson with a level of energy like ti is my first lesson. I stress in my teaching a level of communication between the player and myself. Namely it is not only about me reciting the 'gospel of a better swing' but also listening to you the player in helping to understand what you are thinking.

​Another element I think that is important to understand is that I will coach you to the specific goals you set for yourself in our very first lesson whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. So many players are fearful that they need to start completely over which is just not the case.

There is no question that playing the game of golf can be either a frustrating experience or an extremely rewarding one. What I have found in my teaching career is that reason players who are frustrated with their game is because they do not have an idea of what is going on with their swing or various phases of their game. Players who understand and have a plan gain greater enjoyment in playing to their potential!


I will provide you with the following;

  • Friendly and fun learning experience

  • High Success Rate with over 20 years' experience & 18,000 plus lessons taught w/ all abilities

  • Game plans tailored to you golfing goals & needs

"I am confident I can improve your golf game!"

Stephen DeWitt, P.G.A. Golf Professional / Coach
(714) 473-2210

Learn More About Scott Marson

Scott Marson is a PGA Class A Professional who lives to teach the game of golf. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Scott continues to pursue further education to offer students the latest techniques and cutting-edge theory. No matter your golf experience, Scott will develop a plan that works for you. Building a solid foundation and swing motion is a great place to start, but don't think that just the basics are all you'll be walking away with.


Scott will show you easy checkpoints and references so you can coach yourself and enjoy the game of golf for years to come.

Scott Marson, P.G.A. Golf Professional / Coach

(714) 357-0406

24400 Trilogy Parkway, Corona CA. 92883

Tel.: 951.277.7900

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